Monday, June 13, 2011

A Journey and a Destination

Two surprising things about my 12 hour drive here:
  1. Driving alone in a car for that length of time is actually relaxing. (Really!)
  2. Armadillo are so common here, they become roadkill. I saw three of them on the way.
Another animal I came across was a snake--that one was alive. It wasn't very big, and likely wouldn't have hurt me...nevertheless I was glad to be safe inside my car as I passed.

I'm told the majority of Oklahoma is prairie and brown...where I'm staying it's quite the opposite. We're surrounded by trees (there are a lot of wooded back roads to get to the house) and everything is green. It's beautiful. Tomorrow I'll probably go for a walk and take some lovely photos to put on here.

The couple who have opened their home to me are very sweet and welcoming. After supper, Mrs. G took me on a tour of the IEW building...the majority of which is a warehouse. There's also an 'all-purpose' room with a ping-pong table and couches, and a full kitchen. It seems like a great atmosphere. 

Wednesday is my first full day of work...tomorrow there will be an introductory dinner and I'll meet the rest of the people I will be working with. Tonight, I'm going to sleep. Relaxing and peaceful as 12 hours of driving might be, waking up at 5am has me tired. :)

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