Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Day

Last night was the introductory dinner, where I met the people I would be working with and the other intern, Rebekah. It was a lot of fun. We laughed a lot, and Rebekah and I were given a general idea of what is expected of us. It made me excited to start.

Today was our first day of work. Rebekah and I have a list of what to get done each day, and we talk about it more in depth with Julie, Andrew and Cameron when we come in (and throughout the day). We’re keeping busy and so far always know what to be working on.

Rebekah and I went for a walk and did some brainstorming today, then split up responsibilities and got to work. Rebekah is very sweet, has a lot of good ideas, and is a hard worker . . . the two of us make a good team.

Today was a lot of promotional planning, so tomorrow we’ll begin to implement and tweak the plan we came up with. I'm loving the work and the people. 

It's interesting, and I like the change, to not have my phone and keys with everywhere I go. There's no need for either, since I'll ride with Mr. G (or walk) to and from work, and there is almost no phone service here. (I've received some texts since I came, but I don't think my own go through, or else they're very delayed.)

Another thing I'm loving here is all the nature! Being from a suburb of a big city, I'm not used to being surrounded by trees and wildlife. (Though I don't see much besides cows, horses and dogs, usually. This morning on the way to work we saw a turkey and another interesting looking bird. Mr. G. said what it was, but now I can't remember.) I've been warned about the bugs, but my bug spray seems to be doing its job; not one bite!

This is the entrance to Mr. and Mrs. G's driveway:

All the roads leading up to the house look like this, surrounded by trees. It's beautiful.

This is the room I'm staying in:

Isn't it lovely? I sit in that chair when I'm reading (thus my books and notebook). Mr. and Mrs. G gave me a separate room with a desk so I could set up my computer and have a work area away from where I sleep--which is so nice.

And this (prepare to be jealous) is the view I see anytime I look out the window of either my room or my work area:

I love it.

Rebekah and I found this guy on our walk. I walked home from work today (about a mile), so I took a picture of him. I'm beginning to think this is 'typical' Oklahoma roadkill:

I didn't want to get too close, so I couldn't get a good picture of his head . . . sorry.

Tonight I'm going to read a bit more in my comfy chair, in preparation for tomorrow.

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  1. So glad to hear that you are fitting in and getting along with everyone! And your hosts sound awesome!