Sunday, June 26, 2011

IEW Teacher Training, and lots of &c.

It's been a week since I last wrote...unacceptable! At least I do have decent excuses. As you can tell by the title, it has been a busy week!

Tuesday and Wednesday Rebekah and I went through IEW Teacher Training... We are now both accredited IEW instructors, and can teach the IEW method if our hearts so desire. :)

The training was really enjoyable, and I learned so much in that short time. Andrew is excellent at what he does, and brings a passion to it that makes you excited, too. He also has a large repertoire of hilarious jokes...which makes me think I should make joke-memorizing a new hobby.

I also have a much better insight into what IEW as a company is about, after going through the accreditation process. That will certainly help when coming up with marketing suggestions.

After training ended on Wednesday I went to Julie's to stay the night with Rebekah. That was a lot of fun! We went exploring in the woods behind (of all places) Walmart, and found a creek...or something. Basically, it's water that we don't know the origin of. (Looking back on it, we might have wanted to do more research before exploring further, but we saw water and just had to get our feet, and actually half our legs, since the water was a bit deeper than expected.)

We walked barefoot through the water for a while, then turned back when the only option would be to completely soak our legs. At one point there was a hidden drop-off, so I earned a lovely bruise for my trouble (the drop-off happened to be right next to a big rock).

Thursday and Friday we spent finishing up the projects we've been working on, and gathering together the assignments for teacher accreditation. Tomorrow we start learning about websites!

Yesterday and today I mainly focused on my book--formatting the inside and creating the cover. A little after noon today I finished! It's not public yet because I'll first receive a proof copy, and after I've made sure there's nothing in the proof that should be changed in the final, I'll put it for sale. :)

Yesterday I went shopping with Mrs. G for a little bit. The first couple stores we tried were closed, but we eventually found an open thrift store. That was fun. After lunch today I drove to the grocery store in town, sipped a cup of coffee, and called my family and good friends back home. It was great to hear everyone's voices again.

Reading another--much shorter--book for work, and am presenting the first part of it tomorrow. I've really been enjoying the discussions we get into...I learn so much more from the books when I'm given a chance to talk out the ideas in them and change them into practical suggestions. (And knowing I'll be talking about them makes me take more in-depth notes than I otherwise would.)

It is now past my bedtime. :) Goodnight, all!


  1. Janny! I've so enjoyed reading your posts, m'dear! it sounds like you're having an amazing time, and I hope it all continues to go well- I'm praying for you :) <3
    [And joke-memorizing is definitely one of those hobbies I need to acquire as well. ;) ]

  2. I'm humming the Jeopardy song while patiently waiting for the next post.

  3. Sorry for the delay! I've posted now. :)