Thursday, June 9, 2011


In just a few days I will be on my way to Oklahoma, for a two month internship with the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW). This blog is for my family and friends, to stay updated on what I'm up to while I'm there.

This trip, naturally, means lots of changes for me. It isn't the first time I've been away from my family and friends, and it isn't the farthest I've been from them. I've been to Europe twice, for three months both times. Still, 700 miles and two months is a long trip, no matter what it's compared to.

It is also the first solo trip I'll be taking. The longest I've been alone in a car up until now is probably about two hours . . . so this should be interesting. I'll be staying with a family I've never met, and meeting lots of new people. My hopes are high that I'll come away from the experience with several wonderful new friends. After all, I'm an extrovert; how could I not?

I'm now nearly all packed, have begun reading assignments to prepare for the internship, and my book is very close to publishable stage (I plan to put it on Amazon tomorrow if all goes well). My moods go in a loop from excited to stressed, to nervous, and sometimes to sad, but always back to excited. I know this is where God wants me, and I'm thrilled to be following His plan.

So, for now, I'm more than just okay.

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  1. So looking forward to meeting you, Jansina! Thanks for creating this blog. Very sweet!