Monday, July 18, 2011

Procrastination Is Not Welcome Here

Why do I do this? I wait and wait to write, and my posts end up being a balancing act to neither miss key information nor become far too long. Whoops.

So, here I go, attempting another tightrope walk. Wish me well. :)

Spending time with my friends over the 4th was so much fun. We visited the OKC memorial (a beautiful reminder...a horrific event, but somehow it seems to have left people with a hope, and a strong feeling of gratitude for the help offered during and after the bombing), went to a beautiful botanical gardens (pictures to come on Facebook "soon"), and (of course!) saw fireworks on the 4th. I loved the chance to relax and just enjoy being with good friends.

Since then, Rebekah and I have been working on various pieces of the website. Lots of behind-the-scenes planning and tweaking that's hard to show, but here are two webpages (we are very proud to say) we created: (I made the initial page, and Rebekah created all the pages it links to!) (This one is my own creation, and just went public!)

For the rest of our time here, we'll be working to organize the school division parts of the website. It's a big task (we made a general plan today and realized just how much we'll need to do), but we're confident it can be done (right, Rebekah? :D ).

Other news:
  • My book came! So exciting. I had a proud author moment showing it off to the people I work with. Unfortunately some formatting errors and typos made it through, so it's still not publishable yet.
  • My sunburn is now basically healed. :) Yay!
  • Rebekah is lovely, and so much fun to spend time with, and we have become so close so quickly that we are planning a road trip together as soon as our internship ends. How cool is that?
Time to have a Skype chat about the new webpages, and read the final book for work! (Still loving it here!)

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  1. The webpages look great, Janny! :)

    That is so cool that you got your book! Can't wait till it's published, I'd love to have a copy! :D

    I'm enjoying reading your posts sooo much!